Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Lord, every time I see a baby smile,
    I think of You.
Every time I hear child’s laugh,
    I think of You.
Every time I see little ones play,
    I think of You.
For in their joy, in their innocence,
    I recall that You wanted them to
    come to You.
You wanted them to celebrate their
And in that innocence You wanted  
    us to recognise that we too
    should be like them.
Give to us Lord, we pray, Your Holy
    Spirit to enable us to put aside all
    of those things that we cling to, the things we hold desperately on
    to, that separate us from You.
May we rediscover in ourselves that
    innocence we once had,
And in that innocence find once
    more what it means to be Your  
 (Br Chad,O.SS.T)

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Silently, alone, I sit, I kneel, I pray,
Waiting, watching, listening, hoping;
But you do not come in these prayers,
For I am still all alone in the silence, listening

So why do I pray in the silence alone?
Is it only hope that keeps me here, waiting?
So I stop hoping, watching, listening,
My waiting is over, my heart too heavy, my hope all gone

But then my God, my Saviour, my Lord,
It is then you come;
Your very Spirit fills my every sense,
Your silence fills me ears like a choral hymn
My waiting is done, my prayer fulfilled,
My hope satisfied

Till next time, my Lord, my God, my Love,
Till then, forgive my frailty that keeps me silent, alone,
Waiting, watching, listening, hoping

Monday, 30 January 2012

St Gregory the Great, a Church for All

St Gregory the Great, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton, UK is a church for all people, we aim to serve our communities, with the love and compassion that was given to us by Jesus Christ.